Glide Air Deflector Systems
GADS- Glide Air Deflector Systems

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GADS 001 will only fit RoadGlide® models 2004-2013 with no lowers.

GADS 002 fits Ultra RoadGlide® models with factory lowers.

GADS 003 fits ElectraGlide® and Roadking® models through 2013.

GADS LTTD fits all Glide models through 2013.

For International Orders please contact us for shipping rates to your country.
1. Reduce Turbulence

2. Stop Your Glasses From Shaking

3. Hear Your Radio

4. Works With Your Existing Windshield-Saves Money

5. Invisible Patent Pending Mounting System

6. Low Cost

7. Easy Installation/Easy Removal

8. Uses Existing Hardware

9. No Tape, Glue or Added Screws

10. GADS Do Not Leave A Mark
20 Reasons to purchase G.A.D.S

11. Tinted Polycarbonate Plastic

12. Virtually Indestructible

13 .Keep Rain Out of Lap

14. Helps In Heat And Cold

15 .Ride All Day in Comfort Without Fatigue

16. Does Not Increase The Width of Your Motorcycle

17. Greatly Reduces The Need For Lowers

18. Makes Your Roadglide© More Fun To Ride Fast

19. Works With Most Other Deflectors

20. 100% MADE IN THE USA

NOTICE: Glide Air Deflector Systems is not affiliated with Harley Davidson Motorcycles®

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